Nervous by Zane

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Talk about HOT, FIRE, FIERCE...this book was sizzling! Zane successfully combines a decent storyline and an erotic tale. While there's plenty of steamy and downright freaky scenes she still manages to weave an intricate plot that is not typical or predictable. As an administrator in the mental health field, I especially got a kick out of the main character having multiple personality disorder (MPD)...but trust me, I've never met a patient with a problem anything like Johnquinette's.

So here it is...Johnquinette is a rather introverted, single, attractive young woman who has never had sex or even dated because men make her nervous BUT she sometimes wakes up with the smell of sex on her body and rather sore privates.  Dr. Marcella from Addicted returns as Johnquinette's therapist who delves into her psyche to help her get at the root of her alter ego Jude's antics.  Let me tell you, Jude is something else! Anytime a woman can walk up to a man waiting in a line and can take him to an isolated area, sex him up and than tell him to get lost is a serious freak.  This is definitely a book I would recommend, especially to those who enjoy erotica!

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