2009 Reading Challenge Wrap Up

Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Reading Challenge Wrap Up

Audiobook Challenge~ 12 of 12 books...Challenge Complete!

Be Inspired Challenge
~Partially complete. I read Manage your Time to Reduce your Stress by Rita Emmett and tried earnestly to incorporate her methods into my lifestyle. I did not complete the second part of the challenge which was to blog about how you incorporated the book's principles into my lifestyle.

Diversity Rocks Challenge~6 of 6. Challenge Complete!

Read 'n Review Challenge~1 of 12...I'm just not into writing reviews! There are so many out there and I really don't have the time to add another that most likely won't be read by any one but me anyhow, lol. I'd prefer to just read the book share my thoughts and provide links to in depth reviews as needed.

Series Challenge~4 of 4.I thoroughly enjoyed this challenge because I was able to finish up Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp series. Challenge Complete!!

Support Your Local Library Challenge
~30 of 50 read...I did pretty well with that challenge. Next year hope to do better.

Suspense 'n Thriller Challenge~12 of 12...Challenge Complete!!...no surprise here, I love my suspense thriller books!

TBR Challenge~4 of 12...partially complete, I'm still working on my overflowing TBRs! Better luck next year.

Casual Classics~ 2 of 4...close, but no cigar.

eBook Reading Challenge
~ started 3 of 10...but never finished any.

Challenges I haven't started yet:

World Citizen Challenge~1/2 of 3...started reading Audacity of Hope and never finished. Challenge incomplete.

In Their Shoes Reading Challenge Challenge incomplete, 0 books complete.

Mini Challenges~ Technically, I have started this challenge, but I still haven't blogged about the challenges completed yet.

So, to wrap it all up for my first year in participating in Reading Challenges I don't think I did too bad. I think I definitely over committed and due to starting a new high demand job, engaging in a home search and moving into my first house...well, there just wasn't enough time to commit to reading or blogging as much as I originally planned. But hey, at least I didn't finish up for good reasons :-)


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