Sunday Salon~Cool Mama?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Sunday I am glad to be in one piece right now. Picture a 34 year old mom, climbing up a hill, falling flat on her stomach in $100 Steve Madden leather high heeled boots. Not only did I fall flat on my stomach, but I slid down the hill almost tumbling into an outright front of two other mom's, much less daring. I played it off like I meant to fall in an effort to entertain my girls. See, the plan was to take them to the hill and sit in the car listening to the rest of The Poisonwood Bible while they trekked up and down the hill with their little snow tube. But the hill was so slippery they needed me to hold the tube until they positioned themselves and were ready to take off. I'm usually very averse to cold weather and playing in the snow, but the sun was shining and the girls' excitement was contagious. I actually hopped in the tube and slid down a few times which gained me some Mommy Cool points...the other kids looked at me and then at their mom's who gave them the look that said 'don't even ask'.

A few weeks ago, I discovered that our pet turtle Angel has a taste for more than just floating pellets when he ate two algae eaters I bought to help keep the tank clean. Today, I bought him a nice crunchy treat for his growing appetite...freeze dried grasshoppers. We watched and listened in awe --those dry grasshoppers sure make a loud crunch! Angel had a better Sunday dinner than us because I just did not feel like cooking anything special today.

Here's a little book case I picked up from the local Family Dollar store for $12 bucks. I didn't want to invest in anything too fancy since we are moving soon. In our new house, I would like to put in floor to ceiling, wall to wall wooden library shelves I saw in the IKEA catalog, or something similar. So, this will suffice for now. That leaves 2 more boxes of books with no formal shelf to call their own, as well as one box that comprises my MoochPile.

On the reading front:

I'm almost finished listening to The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver; I'm on disc 12 of 13. This a book I really enjoyed for the most part, but the last few chapters seem a bit unnecessary. What I thought was the end, wasn't...and now, I'm getting a bit impatient for the story to wrap up.

Fault Line by Barry Eisler was lost for a few days, so I didn't make much progress on that book this week. I still probably won't read much more than a chapter or two because I'm really into The Toss of a Lemon by Padma Viswanathan. Historical fiction, particularly those that explore the dyamics of cultural traditions and family conflict over the generations have been piquing my interest lately. I'd like to finish it by next weekend so that I can get started on Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe for the Reading Globally discussion group on LT.

That's about it for now. See you all later on in the week!


Eva said...

I'm glad you got points for sledding, even if you did fall in your boots! At my college, some of the sidewalks had the original nineteenth-century bricks instead of cement, and as soon as there was any kind of snow or ice, students would wipe out every day. I had to use all of my thigh muscles to keep upright, lol.

I really liked Things Fall Apart when I read it...well, maybe 'impressed' is a better word. Speaking of Nigeria, if you haven't read Chinua Ngozi Adichie (a contemporary author), she's incredible!

Kerrie said...

That little bookshelf looks seriously challenged!

Vivienne said...

The book shelf is struggling with your collection. At least yours have a bookcase to call home, mine are piled up beside my bed and threatening to suffocate me in the night if they topple over.

J. Kaye said...

Have fun with your move. I'd love to move everything out so we could do a spring cleaning!

Ali said...

Aw, I'm sorry you fell!
I felt the same way about the Poisonwood Bible. I would have been happy if it had ended earlier.

Keesh said...

Eva--I am looking forward to reading Purple Hibiscus, it's on my alternate list for the TBR Challenge

Kerrie and Scrapgirl--poor bookshelf is already buckling in the middle! I just need it to last a couple of months, lol!

J. Kaye--actually letting go of things I know I don't use is going to be so hard, especially if I have a basement...I'm a hopeless clutterbug

Ali-I'm on the last disc, finally. Yay!

Color Online said...

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samantha.1020 said...

The Toss of a Lemon sounds really interesting. I'm finding that I am enjoying historical fiction more and more. Enjoy your week!

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