Booking Through Thursday~New Years Resolutions

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year, everyone!

So … any Reading Resolutions? Say, specific books you plan to read? A plan to read more ____? Anything at all?

Name me at least ONE thing you’re looking forward to reading this year!

My New Year Reading Resolution is to successfully complete my ten book challenges. I'm feeling pretty confident that it's a resolution I can actually accomplish by year's end. Definitely easier than diet and excercise resolutions, and more fun too!

Specific books I plan to read are listed here, but I am most looking forward to finishing up the Mitch Rapp series by Vince Flynn and reading the Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama.


April said...

Great blog! I found you via your comment left at J.Kaye's. I have the Audacity of Hope and am looking forward to reading it also! It looks as though you are in some great challenges! So far I have only signed up for the 2009 Audiobook Challenge. They are so much fun!

Keesh said...

Thanks for the compliment April! I love challenges, probably stemming from my addiction to the Club Pogo game site, lol. I'll be checking out your blog to see what audiobooks you have selected to see if I discover any new titles I'd like to listen to on my long trek to work.

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